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Finally an affordable way to create - display and email your Newsletters to your subscribers in one easy to use online web application. The Newsletter Manager allows you do all this easily and online. The Newsletter Manager can used as a stand alone application or as a module for either the Product Catalog Manager or the D-Web Content Management System.

The Newsletter Manager can be quickly integrated into any existing web site allowing you to sign up subscribers and to mange those subscriptions.



Who can use the Newsletter Manager

The Newsletter Manager is designed for small to mid-sized organizations and businesses that want the ability create Newsletters and to manage their subscriptions on-line. The Newsletter Manager can used as a stand alone Web Application or as a module for either the D-Web CMS or PayPal-Cart Shopping Cart System.

Types of organization currently using the Newsletter Manager:

  • Small Businesses (1-25 Employees)
  • Mid Sized Businesses (26-200 Employees)
  • School Organizations
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Youth Clubs
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Alumni Groups
  • Intranet Informational Centers

Newsletter Manager Features

The Newsletter Manager is so simple to use and manage that there are only 2 administrative pages that you need to use in order to manage your subscribers and your newsletters online.

  • The Newsletter Archive List
  • The Subscribers List

The Newsletter Manager provides a complete set of tools needed to create your newsletters and manage your subscribers. It is platform independent which means all you need is a web browser to use it.

The Newsletter Manager is mySQL/php LAMP driven so your site loads fast:

  • Only 2 Administrative Pages to manage.
  • Unlimited number of Subscribers
  • Send Newsletters out to all or just some of your subscribers at anytime.
  • Full On-Line page editing - Click here to see full capabilities
  • Upload Documents for subscribers to download
  • Include Attachments with your Subscribers emails
  • Add additional modules at anytime
  • Add additional third party applications at anytime

The Newsletter Manager comes with 30 days of free 800 # support and unlimited on-line support at all times.

Online Newsletter View
Click Image to see full size

The Newsletter Archive section shows you which newsletters are active and in what order they appear. View the Admin & Subscribers Screenshots to see more.


The Newsletter Manager is a module based appliation which means that your sites functionality can be expanded at any time. All Modules use the same basic database structure which allows for a lower cost of delivery, so upgrading your site is fast, affordable and easy to do.

The following modules are currently available:

The following Modules are currently under development:

  • Contact Manager
  • Reseller Manager
  • Vendor Order Manager


Customization Services

Web Global Net offers customization services:

  • Custom Form creation
  • Custom application creation*
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration +

Our standard hourly rate is $55 per hour for these services. Please contact us for a firm quote by clicking here

* rate may be higher depending on the complexity of the application itself.

+ Domain Name registration is free for 1 Domain Name if Web Global Net provides web hosting services.

Customer Support

The D-Web Content Management System provides the following support.

First 30 days after purchase:

  • Free installation on any Unix based Apache Web Server with PHP 5.x and mySQL 4.3.x & phpmyAdmin installed
  • Free 800# support
  • Half Hour Phone Training Session


*Incremental updates are updates within the same Version # - i.e. Version 1.0 to Version 1.3 etc..
Major updates are considered any update the raises the version # by a full # - i.e. Version 1 to Version 2.

Web Global Net may not necessarily charge for Major version updates but reserves the right to do so.

Screen Shots

Using the Newsletter Administrative Section is easy and intuative.
If you know how to use a word processor you already know how to create your Newsletters online
Click on image to view full screen
  Administration View

View your Newsletter Archive
Sorted by Year and Month


Create New or Edit existing Newsletters

Preview your Newsletter before Sending out to your
Subscriber List

With or Without Attachments


View Subscriber List - Send Emails to one -
some or all subscribers at once.

Multiple & Single Subscriber
List Update feature

  Subscriber View

Subscribers Signup and information is
stored in a database.

Newsletter Archive Sorted by Year and Month.
Current year and month listed first.

Subscribers can quickly download attachments.

Newsletter archive can be accessible to all visitors or just subscribers via a login section.

Subscribes can view Newsletter online and print.

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