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Title: How to stay in touch with your Channel
Post by: Duff on April 22, 2006, 04:27: PM
In today's Business environment the Channel Manager that says "I don't do email" should quite simply be fired. Those that do -" email‚" but only a few times a week should be forced - better yet mandated by management that they be on it everyday. Email is the one of the most direct ways - aside from a visit or phone call - to maintain contact with your channel. This being said what other methods could you employ.

Message Center
Web Blogs
PDF Newsletters
Email Newsletters
Moreover, your own Web Site
(some companies will frown on this - but we'll explore this option at another time)

The point is we live in an on demand world now and 95% of your channel does too. So why not take advantage of it to your benefit. Your business card should have 3-6 methods of getting in touch with you.

1. Phone
2. FAX
3. Email
4. Web Site
5. Instant Message name
6. Message Board Address

If your channel has a number of vendors handling similar products that compete against you, then instant availability is one of the factors that can give you a sales edge. However, not monitoring all these points of contacts is your fault, and the advantage can swing to your competitors.

Personally I like to employ a message board system similar to the one your on now. Why?

1-   It allows me to register the sales people in my channel so I'm sure to have all their contact information.
2-   It allows me to limit what channels see what information.
3-   It allows me to post Files they may need so they can download them on demand.
4-   It allows me to post Product & Sales related information and updates. I can send Newsletters out to them (I prefer weekly newsletters)
5-   It allows me to have Q & A section of commonly asked questions, so that over time it becomes a self-help area for my entire channel.

All these methods allow me to more efficiently manage my time and my channel, which translates in more face time which is always the best method.

Title: The Obvious
Post by: Bill on May 17, 2006, 05:48: PM
I think you make good points here - the obvious sometimes need to be restated