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Web Global Net can enhance your web site using Flash to provide:
  • Interactivity through: Surveys, Combo boxes, Drag-and-drop configuration, Slideshows, 3D menus, and displays
  • Custom Actionscripting to control your flash presentations
  • Fully functional sales demos that can be stored on CD, DVD or Flash drives that can be run from any device; PC, Mac or laptop.
  • Dynamic data display - create text, charts and graphs that change based on data from simple text files, XML or your existing Mysql or PostsgreSQL databases.
  • Animated banner ads, able to accept variable data and transmit click-through data.
  • Synchronized audio to your application, site or demo.
  • Add scrolling subtitles to your demos in any language.
  • Incorporate vidieo into your Flash output
  • Use your professional photos and renderings to let a user walk through your location with a virtual guided tours.
  • Add smooth transitions between pages of your site
  • And Flash always looks the same on every browser, every operating system and every device
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Web Global Net offers custom Adobe Flash development services :
  • Ad Banner creation
  • Story Book Animation
  • Web Site Headers
  • Flash Buttons
  • Complete Flash Web site
  • Web Site interaction
  • Actionscipting
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