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Title: Best Way to start a new Web based project
Post by: admin on April 14, 2006, 01:25: PM
We have found that the best way for us to begin a new project, whether it is updating or ramping an existing one or starting from scratch is the following:

1.   Gather all the stakeholders into one location, if possible or via conference calls
2.   Make sure you have a large white board (better yet make sure it's connected to your computer)
3.   Tell all participants that creative thought is valued and encourage during this phase
4.   Ask participants to think out side the box
5.   Tell them there are no bad ideas.
6.   Value everyones opinion and tell them so

The purpose in setting up the parameters of the meeting in this format is to allow for a free flow of information, suggestions, thoughts and topics as they relate to your projects goals.

Yes much of the feedback will not be worth pursuing but thinking or running the meeting in this format will allow you to develop a project goal outline that encompasses many things that previously where not discussed or thought of up to this point.

Think of it as a funnel - ideas, application rules, workflow, etc.. -Flowing into the top wide-open area of the funnel - and then being filtered, defined & structured into a more formalized project outline at the bottom of the funnel.

This is not a new idea or approach, many companies use this approach now, it is mentioned here as a remainder mostly.


Because we have found that many projects become one sided in the initial approach mainly due to programmers stifling the process at the onset (not intentionally), they mostly think inside the box. Moreover - they should, that is what they are paid to do.

They tend to think defensively.
If I tell them I can do this, they will want to do that and that takes a long time

(Or they just do not know how to do it)

Everything has limitations. Skill sets, resources, time, money etcĶ .

That is the whole purpose of a Project manager or team. To construct a final project outline that encompasses and filters the needs of management while at the same time ensuring that all possible project variables are reviewed, discussed and defined.

Ultimately, this will reduce your projects cost, timeline and produced the desired project results more often than not.