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Title: Quick Overview
Post by: admin on August 03, 2010, 09:17: PM
To login to the Alumni Manager click on the login menu on the left of your page.

Once logged in you'll see the following menu in the header area:

Alumni Manager - Site Settings - Web Page Editor - Message Center Admin - Photo Gallery -
PayPal-Kart Admin - Support

The first menu - Alumni Manager - is where you  

‚ΔΆ Set the required information
‚ΔΆ Alumni Registrations
‚ΔΆ Upload header images related to the Photo Gallery and Message Center
‚ΔΆ Add/Edit Clubs, Organizations, Sports & Departments used in the Alumni or Faculty Registration forms.

Generally anything related to Alumni or Faculty information

Site Settings

This is where you will set all things related to the actual website such as Header Graphics, Colors used etc...

Web Page Editor

This is the area where you create page and enter in page content.

Message Center Admin

As the Admin you will use the Message Center admin area to Activate or Reject an Alumni's registration - this provides you with oversite on all Alumni/Faculty Registrations - if a registrations is accepted you would select the Activate with Email from the Select Menu at the right bottom of the list - once selected a email will go to the Alumni announcing they their registration has been accepted and asking them to login to the Message center and verify their password

Photo Gallery Admin

Basically this section has very little need to be altered from how it is installed.
There is no need for Alumni to be registered within the Photo Gallery - all visitors may upload photos.

All Photos must be approved by the Admin before they will be display. Decades and Sub Class Years have already been created and the photo gallery is ready to go.

Photos in the Photo Gallery will display randomly on all pages you create and users can click on them to view those shown. They can also click on the Photo Tile and will be taken to that class album.


If you have purchased the shopping cart module this menu will display just prior to the Support Menu - We will provide phone training on how to enter new products.

The Shopping Cart uses PayPal as the payment processor and is set up to provides realtime payment information back from PayPal so you'll know to ship an order or not

This is just a quick overview. Please post any questions or issues here.