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Title: Using Images in Your Sales letters
Post by: admin on March 07, 2005, 05:54: PM
"Using Images in Your Salesletter: Three Tips Guaranteed
to Spruce Up Your Copy ... AND Boost Your Sales!"

Placing just one or two carefully selected images within your salesletter can be worth thousands of dollars in sales. In fact, just one image can have a real
impact on your bottom line!

For consumers, there's no doubt that buying products online is a whole different ball game compared to buying from a "bricks and mortar" store. There's no face-to-face interaction, and they can't touch and examine the product
they are thinking of purchasing.

So anything that you can do to make consumers more comfortable buying a product online is well worth the effort. And adding a few images to humanize your web site and show off your products -- including digital products -- is one way you can do this.

Of course, any images in your sales copy should complement the copy itself and add to your overall sales message. Remember, they're not decoration.

In other words... no "stock" images of a man with a briefcase to illustrate a business product, or of two people shaking hands to promote a suite of training products!

Remember: Your sales page is valuable real estate, and every pixel on that screen contributes to the overall impression visitors will get of you and your products or services -- so you have to be careful how you use that real estate.


There are three areas in your salesletter where using the right image can make a HUGE difference to your sales:

1. RIGHT UP FRONT: A picture of you! You might think that
   placing a picture of yourself in your copy is a bit
   big-headed. Not at all... not only does this establish that
   there IS a real person behind your web site, but it also
   makes your whole salesletter that much more personal.

   Of course, you shouldn't go overboard and scatter your
   holiday snaps throughout the copy -- that will just distract
   from your sales message. A friendly portrait shot near the
   top will do the trick. Obviously, try to choose a good
   picture, not just a grainy web cam shot. ;-)

2. WITHIN TESTIMONIALS: Images of satisfied customers. The key
   thing with testimonials is to make them credible. Using
   pictures of your satisfied customers alongside their
   testimonials puts a face to the words, and makes it clear
   that these are real, and not faked, testimonials.

   So when you receive a good testimonial from a customer,
   always ask for a picture. If they have one of themselves
   using your product or service... all the better! Don't worry
   too much about quality -- the most important thing is that
   they are genuine.

3. IN YOUR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The product shot! This is the
   MOST IMPORTANT of all the three images, and it can make all
   the difference when it comes to closing a sale.

   The thing is, people shopping online can't touch the
   product... so they need to see as much detail as possible
   during the sales process so they're comfortable with what
   they're buying.

   If you sell a tangible product like jewelry or cameras,
   then you should place a well-taken shot prominently within
   your product copy, as well as next to the "call to action"
   when the customer is finally deciding whether to buy.

   And if you mention any cool features -- like a special lens
   for a camera, for example -- provide an image of this too.
   If you sell a software program or training course, you can
   also include screenshots and samples.

   The key is to make your product look as DESIRABLE as