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Title: Biggest Mistake Small Businesses make regarding Web Sites...
Post by: admin on November 10, 2007, 02:04: PM
The biggest mistake many small businesses make, when it comes to their web site, is the decision many make NOT to have one at all.

Actual comments made on why a business didn't have a web site :

"I'm too small..."
"No one visited the site I had..."
" We don't have the technical expertise to maintain it in house..."
" It's too complicated for us..."
" I wouldn't know what to put on it..."
"My competitor doesn't have one..."

All of these comments may in fact be true. True or not though they are all just excuses. The internet is here to stay and any business worth dealing with will have a web site.

Think back 100 years ago or so when telephones first started to appear as a business tool, how many businesses may have said the same thing about having a phone installed, what about during the 80's when FAX machines first started to appear. Both are now standard tools all businesses have and can't do without.

Ask yourself this question- "Would you deal with a business today that did not have a telephone?"

Of course you wouldn't, so why should a customer - more importantly though a potential customer - deal with a business that doesn't have a web site. The answer is simple. They shouldn't.


A business web site provides creditability, it's another point of contact between you and customers. It's also the easiest way for new customers to find your business and it's services.

The internet today is the "Yellow Pages" of yesterday. A properly set up business website WILL help find new customers and potentially allow your business to service your existing ones - smarter and to respond faster to their needs.

A web site can be as small as a single page that just includes the businesses address and phone # or as complicated as a full blow e-commerce shopping cart system -  that will depend on your budget.

But the biggest mistake a Business can make today is...


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