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Title: You've requested a quote, but developers instead ask questions...
Post by: admin on October 14, 2007, 12:19: PM
You've outlined your development needs and posted your request on Craigslist, but instead of quotes all you're getting is questions - why ?

As web developer we have worked with hundreds of clients - from the small one person shop to the large multi-national firms. Each has uniques needs and each has provided us with a wealth of pre-project issues that we have learned from.

The biggest differences between the Single person business and the large multi-national firm in terms of working on a web based project is really rather simple.

Large firms make assumptions and smaller firms don't know what assumptions to be making in most cases. What we mean by this is that large firms tend to assume you know everything about their particular situation or gloss over things that are actually important to the project, because they understand it internally.

Smaller firms on the other hand don't know what they need to know when seeking a project bid or a quote for the most part. Don't get us wrong, this is expected and normal. If their area of expertise was web development they wouldn't need a quote in the first place.

Web Developers -  like Web Global Net - ask questions because the answer will affect the quote that you receive. Often times small firms will accept the lowest quote they receive thinking it will save them money and that they will get what they ask for.

Not true, in most situations where the lowest quote is accepted  the client ends up actually spending more in the end  for the following reasons:

Client did not fully outline the project initially
Client changes project specs after a quote has been accepted
Developer did not fully understand the project
Developer failed to ask the right questions up front.
Developer understood the project but under bid knowing they could charge additional money later

There are hundreds of other reason but these highlight some of the more common ones Web Global Net has encountered over the years.

The thrust of this posting is - expect a good web developer to ask questions, if they do not it is for 2 reasons and 2 reason only;

1- You have done such a good job in outlining your project needs that additional questions are pointless

2- Developer doesn't care  and provides a low quoting figure just to get the job and will deal with billing you more later.

So Web Global Net recommends that you take the time to answer questions a developer submits - even simple questions can affect the price of your project. But the more questions you are asked should tell you something about the quality of the Developer as well.

Remember this old saying as it is true:

You get what you pay for...

Please feel free to call

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if you have questions.